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Abia Floor Lamp
£475.00 £356.00
Abia Table Lamp
£190.00 £142.00

Diamond RoundDiamond Round
Diamond Round
Round mirror consisting of bevelled mirror pieces. The shape is inspired by a diamond. All mirror pieces are glued on a silver MDF back. The bevels create a fantastic glistering effect. A Deknudt mirror forms the centre piece of your interior. A mirror contributes to creating the atmosphere which makes you feel at home. It catches and reflects light and so helps you to create the feeling of more...
Flip FlapFlip Flap
Flip Flap
The central mirror is a straight and flat bevelled mirror of 20 cm width over the full length of 170 cm. The 2 outer mirror strips are going from the back to the front of the frame from smaller to larger. The smallest width of those strips is 5 mm, the largest width is 15 cm. All mirrors are bevelled and glued on a frame in polyurethane. This PU frame is decorated in silver colour (sprayed). A...

The PIXELS mirror is one large rectangular mirror composition of 57 little square beveled mirrors! All mirrors are glued on a black MDF-support. The space between the mirrors is void, so you can see the back wall through it. The mirror glass is 3 mm thick. The mirror is provided with 4 suspensions, so that it can be hung horizontally as well as vertically. A Deknudt mirror forms the centre piece...
The mirror SCRATCH is not a simple functional mirror. It is more intended as a wall decoration with mirror techniques. It looks like the wall is filled with mirror scratches. The mirror consists of all small mirror strips, all fully beveled. The mirror pieces lie on a black MDF support, that is also cut out in the same form and through which one can see the wall. This gives the design mirror an extra...

Give authenticity to your bedroom or your entry hall with the Sunny mirror. The many beveled mirror pieces frame this round mirror in an elegant way and reflect the light in countless directions. This stylized round mirror will liven up a classic decor. This wall mirror will also accent a contemporary living room or office. a modern mirror conducive to daydreaming. A Deknudt mirror forms the centre...
Twice MirrorTwice Mirror
Twice Mirror
The TWICE mirrors are diamond shaped mirrors, the frame of which consists of 2 frames of 4 mirror strips. The Twice Mirror has 2 frames each of them composed of 4 clear beveled mirror strips. Also the central mirror is beveled. All mirror pieces are glued on a black MDF support. The mirror glass is 3 mm thick. The mirror has 4 suspensions, so it can be hung horizontally as well as vertically. A...

Fabula Ask Rug
from £1,080.00