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Enhance Your Outdoor Experience

Transform your outdoor space into a serene retreat tailored to your family's requirements with our exquisite array of Awnings. Elevate your garden into an extension of your living space, where you can relish a full Sunday dinner on the patio, morning tea by the pool, or breakfast on the veranda.

Our diverse selection of Awnings ensures you can indulge in alfresco dining amidst shade, protection, and utter comfort. With advanced fabric technology safeguarding against fading and UV treatment shielding you from the sun's rays, enjoy uninterrupted outdoor leisure in style.

Specialists in Electric Awnings

For effortless operation, your Awning can be conveniently controlled with just the touch of a button. Offering both simple functionality and advanced features, our tailor-made electric systems are crafted to cater to your preferences for convenience, functionality, and comfort.

Our Electric Awnings encompass a range of options, including systems that extend and retract the arms, activate LED lighting within the arms, and even incorporate heating capabilities, providing fully customizable solutions tailored to you and your home.

To ensure your Awning delivers the optimal amount of shade, we conduct a comprehensive technical assessment of your home and windows, guaranteeing that your shading requirements are precisely met with your new Awning.

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To hear more about our stunning awnings range, call us on 02392 313000 for a free, at home, no obligation appointment, visit our Farlington showrooms to view the impressive range, or use our contact form below to send us a message:



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